LANiXCA Long-last Beauty

We present to satisfy women's desire which admires eternal beauty

Our History

LANiXCA was created with sincerity for eternal beauty, processing methods of effectively extracting the benefits of each natural ingredient using modern technology inspired by the experience that developed more than half-century.

A Luxurious Skincare Brand

Who We Are

A luxurious skincare brand with the usage of the finest ingredients by combining passion and wisdom to meet the woman's commitment.

We bring the feel, color, scent, and story of Japan’s best ingredients to life in the product, packaging, and contents in an elegant way so that customers can meet and feel a small world of nature every day. We communicate in line with its value of realizing the benefits in the skin, mind, and everyday life, elegantly engaging with customers, and materializing and spreading the value in their lives.

“LANiXCA” with its iconic colors turquoise and silver, both of which have a meaning that strongly describes happiness, natural beauty and courage. The turquoise green color symbolizes happiness and confidence in the natural beauty that comes from within. Gives a calming and refreshing effect like the sky and the ocean. While the silver color symbolizes courage, stability and self-reliance. Then it was concluded that the turquoise green and silver have a meaning which means Happiness for being confident in showing and embracing the natural beauty from within, as well as the courage to always be stable and independent in all things.

The First Japan's Skincare Brand Simultaneously Launched for Japan and Indonesia


LANiXCA Bring Everyday Benefits Delivered to Your
Skin and Mind